Dick Vermeil’s passion for players, game accented Hall of Fame coaching career

In his estimation, Dick Vermeil has been to Canton, Ohio, to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame 11 times. As someone who has always admired his coaching peers, Vermeil enjoyed the day in 1983 when Sid Gillman, his former quarterbacks assistant with the Philadelphia Eagles, was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one … Read more

How are NASCAR’s drivers staying sharp away from the racetrack? Hours and hours of video games

1:49 PM ET Austin LindbergESPN FC When drivers are away from the track, simulators like iRacing have become their means of staying sharp behind the wheel. iRacing “Practice makes perfect.” That’s what you tell yourself when you’re throwing spirals through an old tire, with dreams of the NFL, or shooting pucks against the garage door … Read more

Worst Video Game Traitors

There is nothing worse than being betrayed by someone you once held great respect for. While progressing through the story of a video game, certain side characters will be given immersive backstories and endearing personalities, but the allegiances of some will vary depending on their goals. RELATED: Most Obvious Traitors In Games A dear companion … Read more

Weird Ways To Save In Games

Ever since video games became too long to finish in one sitting, saving one’s progress has been a part of the experience. Many titles allow players to do this anytime through the Pause Menu. In others, however, the characters must seek out a dedicated savepoint. These normally aren’t acknowledged in the story; they simply exist … Read more

The Best Steam Deck Games Of 2022

image: Valve / FromSoftware / Square Enix / No Matter Studio / Kotaku The Steam Deck, Valve’s mega-powerful mini-PC, only arrived this year, and while there are many reasons to check out one of the most exciting pieces of gaming hardware available today, the amount of great, hassle-free games available on the device is proof … Read more

Does playing video games affect Kyler Murray’s NFL play?

Kyler Murrayphoto: AP Sports fans, especially NBA fans, I’m sure are familiar with the family of viruses the “Miami Flu,” the “LA Flu,” etc. It can be caught in places with a pleasant year-round climate and a plethora of places for young, rich people with lots of energy to party when their teams visit. The … Read more

Two Point Campus Review – IGN

Two Point Campus continues in the already impressive footsteps of Two Point Hospital before it, dressing up an engaging business management sim in goofy irreverence. To be honest, its dorky, oddball sense of humor misses me more often than it hits. But that all fades into the background for the most part when I’m having … Read more