‘All-Pistons Killer’ team: Which non-All-Star NBA players give Detroit trouble?

Every NBA fan base knows that one player, or multiple, who just gives its team fits. I’m not talking about LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Dončić or any other All-NBA-caliber player who terrorizes the league as a whole. I’m talking about the random rotation player who always seems to have a career night when he … Read more

Column: NFL lets bad boy owners get off with slap on wrist

After Donald Sterling’s racist ramblings were exposed to the world, the NBA moved quickly to banish him from the league. Sure, the forced sale of the Los Angeles Clippers Sterling made even richer, but it sent a clear signal that such behavior would not be tolerated, even from the guys with the biggest checkbooks. Then … Read more

2022 NBA free agency Day 2: Grades, great values, head-scratchers and more

Day 2 of 2022 NBA free agency was another day of big money and big moves. We also saw three significant trades all happen within a couple of hours of one another, and none of them were Kevin Durant. His trade request still looms over the NBA, but it has not halted business in the … Read more

As NBA free agency 2022 begins, here are the top 25 available players

The thing about 2022 free agency is that we’ve already had an awful lot of action considering we haven’t even hit the “free agency” part of the program yet. Player transactions are going back and forth despite that in the form of player trades and contract extensions, even though nobody can agree to a deal … Read more

Can NBA free agency be predicted by an AI model? We’re giving one a chance

In 2019, Joshua Ebrahim left his job as an agent at Rosenhaus Sports and started working on a new company. He wanted to solve a problem he encountered too frequently as an agent — that he didn’t have enough information and leverage during negotiations. Without that, he felt the return on his investment was affected, … Read more

Early NBA futures worth trying to beat the market pre-free agency

Commercial content 21+ The NBA season is over. It’s time for the draft, summer league, free agency, and the laziness of August before ramping up for training camp in a few months. The next NBA title won’t be decided for at least a calendar year … … But the markets are open on Caesars Sportsbook! … Read more

Nets, Kyrie Irving at an impasse; latest on Miles Bridges; NBA draft notes

With the NBA Draft three days away and free agency around the corner, trade conversations, signings and pursuits for all 30 teams have begun in earnest. Across the league, major free agents — and potential free agents — are being monitored: Chicago’s Zach LaVine, Washington’s Bradley Beal, Philadelphia’s James Harden, Phoenix’s Deandre Ayton, Charlotte’s Miles … Read more