Packers’ Aaron Rodgers May Face NFL Reprimand For Drug Use

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers May Face NFL Reprimand For Drug Use

Getty Aaron Rodgers before Capital One’s The Match in 2022. The Green Bay Packers have the reigning NFL MVP lining up for them at quarterback this season, but the complexities of Aaron Rodgers’ personality extend well beyond the lines of the football field. The NFL has not issued any statement on the quarterback since he … Read more

Column: NFL lets bad boy owners get off with slap on wrist

After Donald Sterling’s racist ramblings were exposed to the world, the NBA moved quickly to banish him from the league. Sure, the forced sale of the Los Angeles Clippers Sterling made even richer, but it sent a clear signal that such behavior would not be tolerated, even from the guys with the biggest checkbooks. Then … Read more

Looks like the Denver Broncos’ new owner is another white guy

photo: Getty Images When Maya Angelou said, “When people show you who they are, believe them,” she was foreshadowing the actions of the NFL. Despite all the headlines and backlash that the league receives, and the fact that they’re dealing with a class-action lawsuit from three Black men that are alleging racist hiring practices when … Read more